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Who we are!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Salter and McKenna are a rural surveying and consultancy company, based on the Suffolk and Essex border, working across East Anglia.

Salter and McKenna are a rural surveying and consultancy company, providing services to clients across all sectors of agriculture including arable and livestock farmers as well as those involved in other rural businesses and private landowners.

We have been established since 2020 when Cameron Mckenna joined with Alice Salter Their local connections have enabled us to build up an extensive network of contacts which helps us understand what our clients need from us and deliver it in a professional and timely manner.

Our principal aim is to provide quality advice for all aspects of rural surveying; from farm valuations to full farm and business appraisals, through to planning works to create farm diversification and create a stronger business.

Our individual partners are from farming backgrounds and have been involved in the agricultural industry for many years. They understand the importance of good advice when making decisions about your farm business, which can make all the difference between success or failure.

We provide a specialist service across a wide variety of sub sectors;

Some of our core works fall under the following; Planning and Development, Valuations, Agricultural Consultancy, Grants and Subsidies, Listed Building consents and much more. If you require any assistance with any of these services or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01206 982681 or email

Salter and Mckenna is made up of two partners both of which are from farming backgrounds.

Cameron Mckenna is an arable farmer currently farming around 400 acres around Sudbury, Suffolk. In a previous life he also had a suckler herd and was the Farm manager for the Thurlow Estate.

Alice Salter comes from a family farm in Lincolnshire, however since relocating to Suffolk she now has a flock of sheep which she breeds alongside her family's larger flock.

Being able to combine both their professional knowledge and also the practical experience gained from both farming backgrounds provides Salter and Mckenna with a unique perspective when advising clients.

Salter and Mckenna's unique perspective comes from combining both their professional knowledge and also the practical experience gained from both farming backgrounds. This allows Salter and Mckenna to view their work from the clients viewpoint rather than from a purely professional viewpoint, we understand that not all farms and business have the same goals and operate in the same way and we pride ourselves on being able to work well alongside each individual client.

Clients can be individuals, businesses or corporate bodies. Examples include:

  • A national rural lending firm - providing them with Red Book Valuations for Secured Lending purposes.

  • Local Charities, both assisting with general farmland management including grants and subsidy management through to project management of building works and renovation projects.

  • Providing a local landowner with a farm appraisal to ascertain areas key for diversification, looking at ways to increase annual profit and also increase long term value.

What will the blog provide?

Given that both Cameron and Alice have working farms alongside their surveying work this blog is going to provide insights from both a professional perspective and also daily farm life for both! We hope to provide not only key important information relating the farming and rural businesses and landowners but also show exactly what life on the farm is like for us.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and feel that it gives an insight into who we a

re. If you would like to know more about our work or get in touch, please visit our website or contact us on 01206 982681 or email

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