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Commercial Property

The team at Salter and Mckenna have extensive knowledge in relation to commercial buildings, from the planning and build process through to conversion and management of let units. 
Chilton Grain

Chilton Grain is a family business on the outskirts of Sudbury located on the old Waldingfeild Aerodrome. The company has traded with the farming community for over 35 years. The company utilise a number of old aircraft hangers alongside a number of buildings, all surrounded by a hard surface. 


The hard surfacing on the site which was originally laid in the early 1940’s had become a potential Health and Safety Risk given that it was breaking up in various places, creating an uneven and therefore unsafe surface. 

Salter and Mckenna arranged for the existing concrete to be removed and recycled with over 4,500m² of new concrete being laid and 900m² of tarmac to the car parking area. 


It was essential that the work was carefully managed so that the business could still trade. The whole construction process was carefully managed through liaising with the Main Contractor.


Commercial Building 

The team completed an application for retrospective planning permission for four existing farm buildings, a full planning application for a new building and also change of use from an agricultural building to a commercial building. 


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