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Compensation Claims

We have vast experience and knowledge of compensation claims relating to public utility companies and other government schemes allowing us to provide our clients with specalist professional representation. 

The Chartered surveyors at Salter & Mckenna specalise in matters relating to, pipelines, compensation, compulsory purchase and Wayleaves & Easements. 

The trench for laying water pipes in the

Salter and Mckenna can provide clients with specialist advice and representation in relation to any utility or compensation matters.  

With a wide range of experience we are able to act on behalf of individuals and businesses affected by compulsory purchase on road schemes, public utility schemes (Water, Gas, Electricity) or any other public or private scheme. 

We pride ourselves on being able to advise you on ways to best protect your interests in assets. We can also provide guidance on how to maximise a holdings potential. 

Examples of matters we can assist with:

  • Blight Notices

  • Compensation assessments including, disturbance, land taken, inconvenience and disturbance, material losses and land and surface damage

  • Pre-works record of conditions

  • Ownership notice enquiries

  • Accomodation works, early entry notices and general ongoing management

  • Environment Agency watercourse improvements

  • Compensation claims arising due to losses through flooding

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