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Listed Buildings

Salter & Mckenna have a wealth of knowledge in providing advice and guidance on listed building works - including applying for listed building consent, liaising with the relevant bodies and ensuring that the works are carried out in accordance with the consents. 
Lime Render

A common issue with many traditional listed buildings is the render!

Many traditional farm houses were re-rendered in the 1960’s and 70’s with cement render. This modern construction technique has interrupted the buildings natural ability to breathe and causes moisture contents within the structure to rise. With the increase in moisture insects and fungi can flourish and as a result the timber frame fails with the tell tale signs of external cracking.

To remedy this the existing plaster is stripped off, any repairs are made to the timber frame, sheep’s wool insulation is added to the structure, new timber lathes, three coats of lime plaster and lime washing to finish


We have undertaken many of these projects in the last few years and a few examples can be seen below

Listed Coach House Conversion

The property was a grade 2 listed coach house which was being utilised for the storage of garden equipment and gun dog breeding. The owners proceeded to convert and fully renovate the property in order to create and annexe to the main dwelling. 

Salter and Mckenna were responsible for the project management including providing a full measured survey, applying for all relevant planning, building and listed buildings consents. Within the project management role we were able to provide a full construction team to carry out the works, ensuring that they were carried out on time, within budget and to the specified requirements. 


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