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Farm Diversification

The team at Salter and Mckenna have advised a number of clients on various diversification matters ranging from providing commercial and industrial units to let through to setting up equestrian premises. The team are always happy to discuss any diversification ideas. 

Salter & Mckenna have worked for a number of clients on farm diversification projects in recent years and have a number currently in the planning system.

  • Full appraisal and advice for proposed Farm shop in Essex

  • Advice on a Livery business in Suffolk

  • Change of use of farm buildings for commercial use across Suffolk, Essex and Surrey.

    • Change of use farm building for new Speedy Hire Rail Commercial Unit

    • Change of use of farm building and farmyard for Speedy Hire providing storage and offices.

    • Change of use of farm buildings to a workshop for the manufacture of maintenance parts used at Heathrow Airport.

  • Advice on a proposed day-care nursery in Stowmarket.


Scope of Work


The scope of work for all jobs varies from a feasibility appraisal to a full planning application and then onto full supervision of  the construction and contract administration including budget management. 

Holiday Lets - Glamping Sites

We have carried out a number of planning applications on behalf of clients to erect Glamping pods and various holiday lets including the siting of Shepherds Huts for tourism purposes. These have seen a significant rise in the recent years due to a rise in the preference to holiday within the UK. 

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