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Agricultural Consultancy

Here at Salter and Mckenna we thrive on the challenge of helping our farming clients maximise both the annual profits and long term value. We are experienced within all sectors of the farming industry, having a wealth of first hand experience.
Financial Agri Business

At the strategic level Salter and Mckenna are experienced in analysing existing businesses performance and working with you to find structural and financial solutions that meet your short, medium and longer term aims. 

We evaluate both the practical and financial performance of the business and assess profit, income, and costs of farming enterprises. Using this information, we can advise on business options to reduce costs, increase income and overall farm business efficiency.​


Robust farm budgets and cashflows are vital for any business, especially to support bank overdraft and future lending requirements. Salter and Mckenna create farm budgets that are extensive, collating information across cropping, yields, variable, fixed, one off capital, and director’s or private family costs.

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