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Farm Buildings

We have successfully achieved planning for a range of farm buildings ranging from grain stores under permitted development rights to piggery units. We are also able to carry out building surveys on farm buildings - providing advice for building management. We have also been involved in numerous conversions and diversification opportunities to many farm buildings. 
Piggery Unit

We provided the drawings and completed and submitted a planning application in respect of a replacement piggery unit in Suffolk. The final building was a steel portal frame with automatic screens to vary ventilation, open to the ridge with Yorkshire boarding and steel profile cladding. 

Piggery 1.jpg
Piggery 2.jpg
Park Farm Partners - Planning and Associated Appeal for a new grain store

Park Farm Glemsford is typical of many farms. The farm has grown with the acquisition of more land and the original buildings can no longer service the needs of the farm. A new modern grain store was needed to service the expansion; this building would be used as a general storage building once crops had been sold.


Crops were being sold off the combine just to make space to allow harvesting operations to continue, these crops were often sold at a lower price than could be achieved through storing the crops for another couple of months. There were also logistical problems as loading of Lorries had to be undertaken early in the morning to make room for the days harvesting operations. Building a new store would overcome these problems.


The farm was not only Listed but also in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Planning Authority refused permission. We undertook an appraisal of all possible sites for a building and tried to reason with the Authority, with the pros and cons for each position. The Authority refused all possible sites. An Appeal was then prepared by Salter and Mckenna which was successful and a new building was erected.


“We are very pleased with the job that Cameron made. We felt that being a farmer himself helped us with the Appeal, he understands the farming industry and the appeal was written in a way which clearly communicated our needs to the Appeals Inspector”.

Grain store.jpg
Grann store 4.jpg
Grain store 3.jpg
Grain store 2.jpg
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