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Grants & Subsidies

Within the UK there are a number of different Grants and Subsidies available to Farmers, Landowners and Rural Businesses.
Whether National or Local level grants, Salter & Mckenna can provide specalist expertise within the area. 
Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

The current Basic Payment Scheme provides many farm businesses with a vital income. We are glad to be able to provide a service ensuring all claims are submitted accurately and in a timely manner to ensure that you receive the full subsidy amount. 

We are registered agents with the RPA  allowing us to handle your claim and act on your behalf. 

Countryside Stewardship (CSS)

Countryside Stewardship is broadly split into 6 main categories of funding:

  • Mid Tier

  • Higher Tier

  • Woodland Grants

  • Capital Grants

  • Wildlife Offers

  • Historic Building Restoration Grants

We can ensure that available grants and funding are applied for within a timely manner and also in alignment with any existing BPS application you may have, all to ensure finances are received in a timely manner. 

Leader Funding

Individual local areas or LAG's as more commonly known offer a variety of grants available for rural businesses. 

We are able to help you throughout the whole process:

  • Providing an initial feasibility assessment

  • Business plan for going forward

  • Applying and securing the grant

Bee on Flower
Alternative Grants

We are also able to provide guidance and assistance for many other funding applications that might be available to rural businesses and enterprises such as:

  • The Growth Programme

  • Countryside Productivity Scheme

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