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March 2023

On The Farm

Spring is on its way.

We have applied 110kgs per Ha of ammonium nitrate to all cereals and 220 Kgs of AN to Oil Seed rape. Late February.

These early applications of this important fertiliser will help the plants get going as the weather warms up. The fertiliser will help with tillering and further root development. (Tillering is where the plant produces more stems which go on to be yield sites for ears and pods.)

This fertiliser was applied using a KRM M32 W spreader with headland management to reduce overlapping and waste.

The last load of Lucerne has left the farm.

The gas guns and kites are working well with only isolated patches of pigeons in areas close to houses were we cannot operate these machines.

In The Office

We have been very busy in the office we have submitted planning applications for two large extensions, one new dwelling and two agricultural buildings. We have also taken instructions for a new commercial building in Bury St Edmunds.

In addition to this work we have undertaken a probate valuation and other valuation work and general advice.

We have also been working with The Bridge Project in Sudbury providing Contract Administration on their £700K new building

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