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On the Farm

Work has started early on the arable farm this year with the application of Polysulphate in mid-January whilst the frost was around!

The lack of Ammonium Sulphate has made it necessary to apply a different product this year to obtain the correct nutrient quantities. 110 kg/ha was applied to the cereals and 175kgsha to the oilseed rape. The product used also supplies some Phosphate and Magnesium.

Our machine of choice for this particular application was a John Deere 6215R with a KRM M35W spreader.

The first nitrogen will be applied around the 20th of February

Pigeons have just started to feed on the OSR so out came the Gas guns which have been placed strategically around the fields complying with the code of conduct. We also gout out are 4 Large delta kites which are now deployed across the farm. We camouflage all our gas cannisters with shooting netting to reduce the risk of theft.

We have now sold the last of the Lucerne 2022 crop, whilst the yields were down last year the strong prices this year have made up for it. Livestock farmers we sell to have all commented on how great lucerne is as a feed due to its high protein content, although it is a bit smelly! The bales last year from the McHale baler all came out weighing over 500kgs, so great value for money as an adlib feed!

Whilst all this was going on preparation was underway for Lambing 2023, all the sheep were brought in after being scanned and separated dependant on number of lambs. This ensures we can get the feed amounts right, reducing costs and also ensuring the ewes are in perfect condition when lambing.

With all the sheep in, the shepherds hut built and all the lambing equipment stocked up on (luckily we had some iodine already given the stock shortages!) all we need are the lambs to start arriving! We will be sure to update our social media when it all gets underway!

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