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A very wet march!

On The Farm

March has been the wettest for 50 years with all farm work grinding to a holt. March is usually a very busy month on the farm, with drilling, topdressing and applying crop protection products through the sprayer.

We have applied 110kgs per Ha of ammonium nitrate to all cereals around the 15th of March. The tractor has made some very deep ruts, no other farm work has been carried out.

April has started out wet but a few days of dry have allowed some catching up with wheat having a further 130 kgs of Ammonium Nitrate and the Oil Seed Rape having 220Kgs.

The early T0 spray has been made on the cereals consisting of a fungicide, growth regulator and manganese. The OSR has also received a fungicide, growth regulator and crop nutrition.

The pigeon pressure has started to rise again due to the wet weather. The wet march has stopped neighbouring farms drilling barley and with the lack of this source of food, the pigeons have had to come back onto the rape.

Lambing is finally complete after a long 6 weeks, and all mums and lambs are doing well. Hopefully the grass will start to grow! We have had some extreme fast flooding on low lying pasture which was a worry with some sleepless nights and very wet feet after moving sheep and lambs through torrential waters!

In The Office

We have been very busy in the office we have submitted planning applications for a commercial building at Bury St Edmunds and an extension.

We have had two agricultural buildings approved under Permitted Development Rights, one a general purpose building and one a grainstore.

We have also been busy with valuations and one in particular was very interesting, a client had recently sold a timber framed barn and dilapidated buildings they had paid a large bill for Capital Gains Tax. We were instructed to produce a valuation at 1982 values. The farm had a wide range of buildings at this date but by 2021 very little was left. By valuing all the buildings in 1982 we are hoping that the client will receive a full tax rebate as the buildings exceeded the current day value.

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